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Cannon Grant Recipient- Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club

Champaign Rotary is very proud to support the wonderfully impactful work of the Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club by funding a renovation of their much-used art room. Art is just one of the many programs that the club provides to the youth of our community; they also have educational, sports, leadership, health and wellness, and character development programs as well.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Art Room and how the funds from Champaign Rotary will make a difference in the lives of many children.

To learn more about the wonderful work of the Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club, go here.

About the Champaign County Rotary Foundation and Joseph H. Cannon Grants

The Champaign Rotary Foundation is a non-profit foundation whose charter was granted by the State of Illinois in 1976. It provides the main source of Champaign Rotary funding for community service projects.


The Rotary Club of Champaign invites proposals in the areas of arts and humanities, environmental concerns, education, health and human services, urban affairs, and youth activities. Successful proposals will address problems to be solved or opportunities to make a difference in Champaign County. Joseph H. Cannon Grants are awarded solely for durable goods.


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